3SMA + Ichimoku 2leadline

This indicator simultaneously displays two lines, which are the leading spans of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, and three simple moving averages.
To make it easier to distinguish between the simple moving average line and the line of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, the simple moving average line is set to level 2 thickness by default.
Also, the color of Reading Span 1 in the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo has been changed from green to lime to improve color visibility.

I (author of this indicator) use this indicator especially as a simple perspective on the cryptocurrency BTC / USD(USDT).

If this indicator is a problem, moderators don't know about tradingview beginners.
"Visibility" should be a high-priority item not only for indicators but also for graph requirements.
Visibility is one of the most important factors for investors who have to make instant decisions in one minute and one second.

The purpose of this indicator is to display two leading spans that are easily noticed in the Ichimoku cloud and three simple moving averages whose set values ​​can be changed.
This is because chart analysis often uses a combination of a simple moving average of three periods and two lead spans of the Ichimoku cloud.
Also, in chart analysis, green is often displayed with the same thickness on both the moving average line and the Ichimoku cloud.
Therefore, if the moving average line and the Ichimoku cloud often use the same green color, the visibility will drop. Therefore, the green color of Ichimoku cloud was changed to lime color by default.

Tradingview beginners often refer only to the two lines of the leading span of Ichimoku Cloud. Therefore, we decided not to draw lines that are difficult to use.
Many Tradingview beginners don't know that you can change the thickness of the indicator.
Therefore, this indicator shows by DEFAULT the three commonly used simple moving averages that are thickened by one step at the same time.
Also, since the same green color is often used for the Ichimoku cloud and the moving average line, the green color of the preceding span of the Ichimoku cloud is changed to lime color by default.

The originality of this indicator is that it enhances "visibility" so that novice tradingview users will not be confused on the chart screen.
The lines other than the preceding span of the Ichimoku cloud are not displayed, and the moving average line is level 2 thick so that the user can easily see it.
This indicator not only combines a simple moving average and Ichimoku cloud, but also improves "visibility" by not incorporating lines that are difficult to see from the beginning and making it only the minimum display, making it easy for beginners to understand. The purpose is to do.

If any of the other TradingView indicators already meet the following, acknowledge that this indicator is not original.

・Display 3 simple moving averages at the same time
・For visibility, the thickness of the simple moving average line is set to level 2 from the beginning.
・A setting that does not dare to draw lines other than the lead span of Ichimoku cloud.
・Make the moving average line and the Ichimoku cloud line different colors and thicknesses from the beginning.


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