Why can’t I place a Stop Order?

When opening the Order Panel if you select a Price that is lower than the current Ask Price for the Buy Stop Order or a Price that is higher than the current Bid Price for a Sell Stop Order, you will see a warning “ Order Price is not appropriate for this order type/direction”. 

The Order Panel prevents you from placing the Stop Order that will get executed right after the placement at the current market price. Note, that the Stop Order does not guarantee it will be executed at the selected price. It gets triggered when the market price hits the Stop one and gets executed at the next market price. 

How can I avoid this Limitation? 

The workaround for this limitation is: 

  1. Open Settings--->Trading-->tick Instant Order Placement

  1. Settings-->Scales→tick Plus Button

  1. Place the Buy Stop Order higher than the Ask price. 

  1. Drag it down on the chart.