Ichimoku Breakout Kumo SWING TRADER (By Insert Cheese)

A simple strategy for long spot or long futures (swing traders) based on a basic method of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo strategies.

The strategy is simple:

- Buy when the price breaks the cloud
- Close the trade when the price closes again inside the cloud.

The parameters that work best on this strategy are 10,30,60,30 and 1 for Senkou-Span A
but you can try classic Ichimoku parameters (9,26,52,26,26) or whatever you want like (7,22,44,22,22), (10,30,60,30,30) and others.

-1D chart

I have removed everything from the interface except the cloud to make it visually more aesthetic :D (but if you want to see all the ichimoku indicator you can put in again into the chart)
I have also added several functions for you to do your own backtesting:

- Date range
- TP AND SL method
- Includes long or short trades

The strategy starts with 500 $ and use 100% for trade to make the power of the compounding :P

Remember that this is for only educational porpouse and you must to do your own research and backtested on your usually market..

I hope you like it enjoy and support this indicator :)

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