Failed Breakdown Detection

'Failed Breakdowns' are a popular set up for long entries.

In short, the set up requires:
1) A significant low is made ('initial low')
2) Initial low is undercut with a new low
3) Price action then 'reclaims' the initial low by moving +8-10 points from the initial low

This script aims at detecting such set ups. It was coded with the ES Futures 15 minute chart in mind but may be useful on other instruments and time frames.

Business Logic:
1) Uses pivot lows to detect 'significant' initial lows
2) Uses amplitude threshold to detect a new low beneath the initial low; used /u/ben_zen script for this
3) Looks for a valid reclaim - a green candle that occurs within 10 bars of the new low
4) Price must reclaim at least 8 points for the set up to be valid
5) If a signal is detected, the initial low value (pivot low) is stored in array that prevents duplicate signals from being generated.
6) FBD Signal is plotted on the chart with "X"
7) Pivot low detection is plotted on the chart with "P" and a label
8) New lows are plotted on the chart with a blue triangle

User input
- My preference is to use the defaults as is, but as always feel free to experiment
- Can modify pivot length but in my experience 10/10 work best for pivot lows
- New low detection - 55 bars and 0.05 amplitude work well based on visual checks of signals
- Can modify the number of points needed to reclaim a low, and the # of bars limit under which this must occur.

- Alerts are available for detection of new lows and detection of failed breakdowns
- Alerts are also available for these signals but only during 7:30PM-4PM EST - 'prime time' US trading hours

- Current version of the script only compares new lows to the most recent pivot low, does not look at anything prior to that
- Best used as a discretionary signal

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