NSDT Fracking Crypto

NorthStarDayTrading ที่อัปเดต:   
This indicator is part of our Fracking series of indicators and is specifically designed for scalping Crypto. It looks for a particular price action pattern/sequence then displays levels and a label on the chart to show a potential entry, target, and stop based on that analysis. Basically enter long through the green zones and short through the red zones. The target levels are not guaranteed to be hit, but are a good guide with high potential. Pivot Point levels were added for additional confirmation of potential key levels.

Trading is risking and you can lose money. Trade at your own discretion and risk. This indicator is only providing potential scalping zones based on recent price action.
Per request from @ridicoulous, added the ability to create alert when labels show.
Fixed typo on stop level. oops!
Second typo fix. Done now.
Since this can be used with many different crypto instruments, added the Instrument Name and Chart Time that the alert was created on.
Converted to Pinescript V5 and cleaned up code.
I was asked to include the ability to create an alert on just the "Super Long" and "Super Short" conditions. That has been added.

ALL indicators, strategies and bots are included with Discord access.
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