MTF Ichimoku Cloud

Ichimoku Cloud , Multiple Time Frames, based on the script : MTF Selection Framework functions (PineCoders)

Possible display:
- four differents Ichimoku
- Tenkan, Kijun, Chikou and Kumo (monochrome or not)
- labels : offset from line, color if you change style and with/without abbreviation

Time Frames :
- 1m
- 3m
- 5m
- 15m
- 30m
- 45m
- 1h
- 2h
- 3h
- 4h
- Daily
- Weekly
- Monthly
เอกสารเผยแพร่: ◆ Fix on label display

◆ To add the indicator on your graph, go to "Indicators" then search for "MTF Ichimoku Cloud" and add the script to your favorites (anthonyf50).

◆ To display the indicator go to the indicator settings.

──────── CONFIGURATION ───────

─ First ichimoku : Show the first ichimoku
► Time frame : Select du time frame
Tenkan : Show the Tenkan
Kijun : Show the Kijun
Chikou : Show the Chikou
Kumo : Show the Kumo
▪ Monochrome : Kumo monochrome or two colors
Label : Show the labels
▪ Offset : Label offset
▪ Color : Label color (because you can't change the style of the label in "Style")
▪ Abbreviation : Label abbreviation (Tk → Tenkan)

◆ This indicator isn't perfect in the traditional market, it's possible that there are differences in the displacement on the display of large UT on small UT.
◆ On the crypto market, since it is 7/7 and 24/24 there is no problem.

◆ There may be slow display since TradingView requires a minimum of candles to make these calculations. Just zoom out and then zoom in to fix the problem.

◆ For an optimal and fast use of the indicator, I advise you to make templates for each UT with a dedicated configuration each time.
In 15m:
- display the 15m with everything
- display the 1h with the Kijun
- display the 4h with the Kijun

จากใจ TradingView ผู้เขียนสคริปต์นี้ได้เผยแพร่เป็นโอเพนซอร์ส เพื่อให้ผู้ค้าสามารถเข้าใจและตรวจสอบได้ ยินดีด้วย! คุณสามารถใช้มันได้ฟรี แต่การใช้โค๊ดนี้ซ้ำเพื่อการเผยเเพร่ อยู่ภายใต้ กฎของเรา คุณสามารถตั้งเป็นรายการโปรดเพื่อใช้กับชาร์ตได้



You have made my life easier. Thank you for your great efforts and please let us know if are creating more fantastic work.
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anthonyf50 JohnnySilverhand
@JohnnySilverhand, thank you
Merci tu me sauves la vie ! super job je partage !
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anthonyf50 Boletellus
@Boletellus, merci
Hello, j'ai un petit probème avec le script serait-il possible de passer en DM? je vous ai envoyé un message.
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@Until_CD, Moi aussi ça marche plus :/ Tu sais pourquoi ? :)
anthonyf50 3f0846b458a04dd6b688f12cb79b14
@3f0846b458a04dd6b688f12cb79b14, TradingView est en cours de fix le soucis. ça ne vient pas de mon script.
Merci beaucoup!
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anthonyf50 VincentGanne
Merci beaucoup Anthony, avec ton script tu apporte une vrai plus value au monde du trading.
C'est un travail de qualité qui mérite d’être honoré BRAVO et MERCI.
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