Exotic SMA Explorations Treasure Trove

This is my "Exotic SMA Explorations Treasure Trove" intended for educational purposes, yet these functions will also have utility in special applications with other algorithms. Firstly, the Pine built-in sma() is exceedingly more efficient computationally on TV servers than these functions will be. I just wanted to make that very crystal clear. My notes elaborate on this in the code blatantly.

Anyhow, the simple moving average(SMA) is one of the most common averaging filters used in a wide variety of algorithms. "Simply put," it's name says a lot about it. The purpose of this script, is to demonstrate variations of it's calculation in a multitude of exotic forms. In certain scenarios our algorithms may require a specific mathemagical touch that is pertinent to our intended goals. Like screwdrivers, we often need different types depending on the objective we are trying to attain. The SMA also serves as the most basic of finite impulse response(FIR) algorithms. For example, things like weighted moving averages can be constructed by using the foundational code of SMA.

One other intended demonstration of this script, is running multiple functions for comparison. I have had to use this from time to time for my own comparisons of performance. Also, imbedded into this code is a method to generically and recklessly in this case, adapt an algorithm. I will warn you, RSI was NEVER intended to adapt an algorithm. It only serves as a crude method to display the versatility of these different algorithms, whether it be a benefit or hinderance concerning dynamic adaptability.

Lastly, this script shows the versatility of TV's NEW additions input(group=) and input(inline=) upgrades in action. The "Immense Power of Pine" is always evolving and will continue to do so, I assure you of that. We can now categorize our input()s without using the input(type=input.bool) hackTrick. Although, that still will have it's enduring versatility, at least for myself.

NOTICE: You have absolute freedom to use this source code any way you see fit within your new Pine projects. You don't have to ask for my permission to reuse these functions in your published scripts, simply because I have better things to do than answer requests for the reuse of these functions. Sufficient accreditation regarding this script and compliance with "TV's House Rules" regarding code reuse, is as easy as copying the functions in their entirety as is. Fair enough? Good!

When available time provides itself, I will consider your inquiries, thoughts, and concepts presented below in the comments section, should you have any questions or comments regarding this indicator. When my indicators achieve more prevalent use by TV members, I may implement more ideas when they present themselves as worthy additions. Have a profitable future everyone!


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