Swing Breaker Strategy [v0.1] - Support and resistance breakout

Swing Breaker Strategy - Support and Resistance Breakouts
This strategy has no repainting.
Default settings:
Swing Barsback: 10
Number of Swings: 3
Stoploss Candles Lookback: 5

Why these default settings?
This strategy has been backtested with over 100 trades, and on a larger scale of 1000 trades, it has reported a 1.33 profit factor with a maximum 5% cumulative drawdown, using no leverage. In this backtest, the settings (10,3,5) were used, becoming the default settings as they are more adaptable to different market conditions.

How does this strategy work?
  • Defining swing lows (support) and swing highs (resistance): We can locate these candles by looking at a symmetrical candle unit around them. For example, the default settings present a 10 swing bars back, which means there is no superior level within a 10-candle radius in the case of a swing high, and the opposite for a swing low. Swings are located a few candles after, just the number of swing bars back (width), because it is needed to ensure it is a swing.
  • Locating trends: We locate trends by looking at consecutive swings. For example, in the default settings, to determine a bullish trend, we need 3 consecutive ascending swing lows; for a bearish trend, 3 consecutive descending swing highs. You can find this parameter in settings as "Number of swings."
  • When a trend is formed, a stop entry is placed at the last swing until it is broken.
  • Just after the entry, the stop is placed at the lowest (in the case of a long) or the highest (in the case of a short) of the last candles. You can define that number in the settings as "Stoploss candles lookback," which default is 5. The take profit is placed at 2 times the stop value, resulting in a 2 risk-reward ratio.

Why is this strategy protected?
No other strategy combines the way of locating swings and turning it into a strategy, including customizable parameters such as stop loss, swing width and introducing the number of swings. That's why we decided to protect it.

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