ATR-Stepped, Another New Adaptive Moving Average [Loxx]

ATR-Filtered, Another New Adaptive Moving Average is a modification of @cheatcountry's "Another New Adaptive Moving Average " shown below

I've added AT- stepped filtering. This is a standard ATR filter that works by requiring movement by XX multiple of ATR before registering a trend flip. I've also included Loxx's Expanded Source Types. You can read about those here:

From @cheatcountry on A New Adaptive Moving Average

The New Adaptive Moving Average was created by Scott Cong (Stocks and Commodities Mar 2023) and this is a companion indicator to my previous script
This indicator still works off of the same concept as before with effort vs results but this indicator takes a slightly different approach and instead defines results as the absolute difference between the closing price and a closing price x bars ago. As you can see in my chart example, this indicator works great to stay with the current trend and provides either a stop loss or take profit target depending on which direction you are going in. As always, I use darker colors to show stronger signals and lighter colors to show normal signals. Buy when the line turns green and sell when it turns red.

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