Stochastic EMA, SMA, VWMA + Divergence

Roul_Charts ที่อัปเดต:   
Every MetaTrader User knows the function to switch the stochastic calculation from simple to exponential.

So i took the original Stochastic code from TV and enhanced it for the SMA, EMA, and VWMA smoothing. If you are using a longer K Smoothing interval you will recognize a notable difference between SMA and EMA.

  • Standard Stochastic Calculation that is well kown
  • Option to switch smoothing calculation
  • Choice between Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Volume Weighted Moving Average

If you have more wishes regarding the smoothing, just leave a comment i can add a lot more...

On my to-do list is also the divergence lines known from the "divergence indicator" (RSI).

I hope this helps to get better entries ;-)

Have fun!
If you are daytrader, you want to have an set lines for slow and fast stochastic. Added an switch to active a 2nd pair of lines for stochastic so you can scalp with slow and fast lines.

The embedded screenshot shows our preferred settings from MT4.

Got a lot of feature requests to pay for additions. I will never ever charge any money or sell subscriptions for retailers.

If the idea is good, i will sit down and try to make it happen for free. You can buy me a coffee instead.

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