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AWD TRADE MANAGER (ATM) is a position management tool including with some advanced features and entry suggestions. It helps you to do most of position calculations and position management, reduce time spent for charting by alerts.

There are 3 main things to describe about the manager:

(1) The original function of the manager is to help traders to manage their trades with automatic calculations of all factors of their trades with some of input values. For example, it will calculate the trade volume when you enter the bet size, entry and stop loss price. It calculates take profit price when you enter entry, stop loss prices and the risk/reward ratio, …

(2) Another function is the system of alerts. After set up a trade, create an alert and the manager will do the rest. It will send you an alert when the limit order got filled, got stopped out, take profit level hit, or even it reached a key level or an opposite/spike move just occurred…

(3) Entry suggestions: Suggest entries with price action strategies. Details bellow.

Features in details:
(1) Automatic calculations:
- Auto calculate trade volume based on entry, stop loss prices and the money users willing to lose when the trade is failed. Auto detect some type of assets and volume will be calculated in USD (for cryptocurrencies) or in lot (for forex).
- Auto calculate take profit price based on entry, stop loss prices and expected rr ratio.
-Auto suggest take profit price based on pivot points.
- Auto suggest stop loss price based on pivot points.
- You can enter several exit points with percentages and the manager will calculate the averaged risk reward ratio you earned after the last exit price reached.
- Quick entry price pick to reduce typing requirement.
- Quick trade set up: 2 checkboxes and 1 number entering to set up a trade.

(2) Alert system
After setting up a trade and creating an alert of the manager, it will follow the market and your order. It will send you alerts for all the events that you should follow up your position. These alerts can be sent to your pc, your phone and your smart watch, so even you are a full-time day trader, you will save your time for charting or managing your positions. Here’s the list of alerts:
- Sending alert when suggesting an entry with details calculated from preset inputs so you can just pick that info to enter the position including trading volume, entry, stop loss, take profit prices, timeframe, estimated risk-reward ratio …
- Sending alert when a limit order got filled and auto switch to position-managing-mode.
- Sending alert when a limit order in still staying unfilled but should be canceled (because of price reaching a key level or is running too far, …)
- Sending alert when the position got stopped out or TP hit.
- Sending alert when the running position reached a key level and need to be watched out.
- Sending alert when a spike move or opposite move just occurred.
- Sending alert when a position is taking too long to run.
- You can also set 3 levels of price with messages then ATM will send you alerts when price reaches those levels.
- When price runs, ATM might suggest you to move stop loss to levels based on pivot points by sending you alerts.
- Alert when a BOS occurred.
- Options to turn on/off each kind of alert.

(3) Entry suggestions.
The script included price action entry suggestions.
The 1st strategy is getting in a position when a candle pattern occurred and confirmed by MA20.
The 2nd strategy is detecting double top/bottom and a candle pattern confirm break out after that.
The 3rd strategy is a pullback strategy, in a trending market, a candle pattern occurs and confirms the pullback ends, it will suggest an entry.
All those strategies I am using by myself for a long period of time but to make sure they are good for your trading style, do your own research and backtest before use. Keep in mind to manage risk and be responsible to your capital.

User side modifications:
- Those price action strategies have some major arguments that users can tune themselves to make it meet their style or their needs like choosing method to suggest entries, refine entry quality by changing the confirmation methods,…
- Most of appearance factors can be changed by users.
- one-click to toggle between full features and simple mode.
TradingView Chart demo pictures:

Author's bio:
I have been a full-time day trader for 7 years. I like coding with Pinescript and I also developed some helpful indicators that provide unique aspects to approach markets and the most favorite one from that is Relative Volume Index (RVI) that will be introduced in near future.

This tool has been tested and been using for my own trading career for a long period of time but practicing to use it yourself to understand it and use it correctly is needed. All of the features have been carefully tested before publishing but make sure to double-check all the info you get from it before getting into a trade to avoid losing money by a sudden mistake or even a bug. Keep in mind you will need to take all the responsibility with your capital or any potential loss while using this tool.
If you get anything wrong while using it, please leave some comments bellow, all of your ideas or suggestions will be taken seriously.

Thank you in advance!
(It is not possible to explain all the settings or features within the description, If you have questions, please leave comment, I will answer to help you to get familiar with the tool.)
Update 1: 23/04/2023
- Added "Clean mode" to make it simple to use for everyone. This was not necessary when I used it on my own.
- There are 2 cases to use the tool: use the suggested entry points or enter entry yourself.
(1) Case 1: Use suggested entries:
Just enter bar_index of the entry bar into EntryBar field in the setting panel and done, the tool will calculate everything for you. For those who do not know what is bar_index, don't worry, that's the number after "Last:" on the middle-top-panel, it is the bar_index of the last suggested entry point.
After that, create an alert and the tool will send you all the update of the position as stated in the previous version's description.
*Note: You can enter entry, stop loss, take profit price yourself to modify the info of suggested trade, the tool will take your numbers into its calculations.

(2) Case 2: Enter your own trade details:
Enter your own details for a trade such as entry price, stop loss/take profit price, risk/reward ratio. The bar_index of the entry bar is still required in this case, that is shown on the middle-top-panel too. Eventually, as always, create an alert to let the tool watch your position and send you alert to help you manage your positions on the go.

There are many favorite things to play with the tool, for example, you can just enter entry price and check the "force long" checkbox and the tool will auto determine the stop loss/take profit price and all the other details you need... It will be too long to explain everything here, it is better for you to discover it yourself, I bet that you will like it.

The tool has everything you need to manage your trade but explaining all the features here in text sounds weird. Just leave a comment "Guide me" bellow and I might make some videos to help you guys to use it and explain every feature it has.
Update 2: 23/04/2023
- Minor update to improve user-experience.
Update 4: 23/04/2023
- Added more info for top-panel.
*Reminder: For suggested entry points, confirming it yourself with indicators or market structure is recommended.
Minor changes
- Fix sending SL hit alert while TP level already hit.
- Change top-panel color when *EntryBar* is entered.
- minor appearance improvement.
- Minor appearance improvements.
- Minor UX improvements.
Added features to save data for 3 positions at a time so that you can manage many pairs at the same time without need of erasing data of positions entered before. For more 3 positions, just create more layouts or using splitting layouts.
Added db2 is 'liquidity sweep entry signal'.
Note: Polluted with multiple signals for manual filtering.
Hide all suggested entries by default to make it simple to use for trade managing. Re-enable entry suggestion feature in the setting panel.
minor bugs fixed
Minor bugs fixed
Minor bugs fixed.
Minor update. If you need some help to know how to use, please leave a comment!
- Simplified everything to make it easier to use.
- Community & Toturial videos.
minor fixes

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