Multi Price Action & Candlestick Patterns - Horizontals R/S

This is a script that synthesizes a number of popular price action and candlestick patterns along with a trading strategy based on horizontal support and resistance . Scripts are used for learning and research purposes.

Support and resistance are two important areas in Price Action analysis and trading. After confirming the support and resistance zone line, waiting to confirm the appropriate candlestick pattern and execute the trade, set a reasonable stop loss and take profit, This is critical for compliance with your money management rules.

In the script, price action and candlestick pattern are denoted as follows:
- Bullish Engulfing (BU) & Bearish Engulfing (BE)
- Hammer (HM)
- Hanging Man (MM)
- Morning Star ( MS )
- Evening Star (ES)
- Tweezer Top (TZT)
- Tweezer Bottom (TZB)
- Shooting Star (SS)
- Bullish Pinbar (PBBBU) & Bearish Pinbar (PBBE)
- Doji Gravestone ( GS )
- Doji Dragonfly ( DF )
- Doji - Long legged (LL)
- Spinning Top (ST)

- Number of left candle to compare lowest/highest: Compare the high/low price of the current candle with the highest/lowest price of previous candles.
- Number of left candle to calc avg body: Compare the average price of the current candle with the average price of previous candles
- S/R Left Bars: The number of bars left hand side of the Pivot
- S/R Right Bars: The number of bars right hand side of the Pivot
- S/R Volume Threshold - The threshold value (%) for the volume oscillator

The code is open and commented - please feel free to use, share, comment & provide feedback.
Good luck!
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