Tesla (TSLA): Major BULLISH signal

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc.
The "strongest trendline" indicator calculates the trendline with the highest strength based on the highest Pearson correlation coefficient. In this case, it calculates the trendline over a period of 200. This allows me to plot the linear regression channel using the indicator, which can be done on a logarithmic scale (similar to the "strongest trendline" indicator). This indicates the support and resistance lines.

If the price surpasses the green line, it can be considered a breakout, suggesting a potential upward movement. Conversely, if the price falls below the red line, it can be seen as a breakout to the downside. It's important to monitor the "strongest trendline" indicator as it may select a different "best trend" at any time.

Please note that this is a general explanation based on the given information and does not take into account specific market conditions or individual trading strategies.



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