Will ChatGPT help me?

People say about ChatGPT that it can do almost everything. The bot communicates so realistically that it can be confused with a real person.

However, in reality, it turns out that the chatbot answers difficult questions imperfectly, especially regarding TradingView.

ChatGPT was created for a long time ago and trained on data that existed at the time of development. Therefore, the neural network is not able to work with information that appeared later. Its developers understand this and have disabled the ability to answer questions about news and events that occurred after 2021. ChatGPT is technically capable of this, but the risk of incorrect or meaningless answers is greatly increased.

We are glad that such a powerful tool is learning how to work with our service and helps many users get an answer.

Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?⁠⁠ Okay, almost no one can.

But really difficult questions and problems can be solved by our support team.

Thus, unfortunately, ChatGPT can generate incorrect information or support misinformation, which can lead to negative consequences.