Why chart connections are limited?

One /chart tab opened in the web version of TradingView (in any browser, including mobile browsers) or in the desktop app is counted as one chart connection. For instance, if you open two chart tabs in Safari and one chart tab in the desktop app at the same time these three tabs will be counted as three simultaneous chart connections.

Each plan has its own maximum number of simultaneous chart connections which you can find on the GoPro page. Once the limit is reached, the oldest connection (the earliest opened tab) will get closed. And if you keep opening more tabs it will close the earliest opened ones – the number of open connections will be kept at the maximum connections count.

For the oldest closed connection, you'll get the following pop-up message on the chart:

If you'd like to reconnect and save drawings or other changes in your chart layout just click "Restore connection" and then save the layout. Please note that restoring the current connection when the maximum connections limit has already been exceeded will terminate the connection in another tab.

Please note that you can optimize your connections using multi-chart layouts. Essential users can open 2 charts per one tab, Plus users can open up to 4 charts, and Premium users can open up to 8 charts per one tab. While our Professional plans provide even more space for advanced charting: 10 charts in one layout for Expert plans, 12 charts in one layout for Elite plans, and 16 charts in one layout for Ultimate plans. Here's more info on this feature: How to enable the multi-chart mode?