The circle is usually used to mark important areas on the chart. For example, price spikes, peaks or overbought and oversold areas.

To draw a circle:

1. Select the "Circle" drawing tool from the left toolbar.

2. Click on the chart to set the coordinate of the center of the circle.

3. Move the mouse pointer to the required distance from the center and click to fix the radius of the circle.

Please note that when you change the scale, the proportions of the chart may change, but the circle will retain its shape. Because of this, the content circled may change. To avoid this, enable the Lock price/bar ratio option (in the context menu of the price scale or on the Scales tab in the chart settings dialog).


In the settings menu, you can change the color of the circle line, its thickness and transparency, as well as the color and transparency of the fill, or turn it off.

You can also adjust the visibility of the circle for different timeframes.