How does the referral link work?

Remember: the Referral Program is meant only for newbies. It works this way:


1) A TradingView user sends their referral link to a friend who hasn't joined us yet. (You can find your referral link here).


2) The newcomer follows this link and creates their account.


3) The referred friend purchases a subscription to any plan. Getting a paid plan on the very first day is not necessary - there is a 3-month period to think it over and do it, however, if the user want’s to take advantage of the Sale offers, it’s better to hurry up, they won’t be there forever! 


4) Both friends get 3000 or 1000 TradingView coins as a reward; 3000 for an annual plan and 1000 for a monthly package (100 coins are equal to 1 USD. Coins cannot be converted into real cash and can be used only on the platform). Note that the reward is given only for the initial purchase. 


If you do not follow the rules of the referral program or violate them, there will be no reward, so we highly recommend you take a look at them. Also, those solutions might be of help.