Opening Price Change

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This script shows the change from the market opening price to the market closing price of the previous day in percent.

With this you can quickly get an overview of historical data for the change of the respective day.

Important: the market closing price is always used for the calculation and not the pre/post market price.

The label with the change value is always placed above the first opens regular market bar. If the change is positive, the label is draw with a green background, is the change is negative you will have a red background.

If there are no changes between the previous and the comparing session, the label is displayed in neutral colours and the value without plus or minus signs.
New Features:
- Multi-Display Options:
- Now you have more choices! You can customize the display to show percentage change, ticks, or price. Check it out in the indicator settings.

- Percentage Change Display:
- The default is still the percentage change between today and yesterday.

How to Use:
1. Open settings.
2. Look for "Display Type."
3. Choose from:
- Percent
- Ticks
- Price

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