Interest Rate Indicator

This script offers a overview of Year-over-Year (YoY) interest rates for key countries. The interest rate data utilized by default are sourced from TradingView Tickers, but they can be modified to any preferred source via the settings.

The script does not perform any calculations; its primary function is to present a comparative view of interest rates across different countries in a single indicator.

Key features include:

  • Interest rate data for the USA, European Union, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, United Kingdom, and New Zealand (Interest Rate Symbols are editable in the settings).
  • A table displaying country flags, names, and the latest interest rates, providing a clear and immediate comparison.
  • Country-representative colors for easy identification and visual distinction between different countries' data.

This indicator is designed for traders and analysts looking for a quick and efficient way to monitor and compare the interest rates of major economies directly within TradingView, facilitating better informed financial and investment decisions.

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