CoT artificial by Oster and Freundl (CoF)

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CoF, short for "CoT artificial by Oster and Freundl", presents a novel approach to market analysis, inspired by the traditional Commitments of Traders (CoT) Index. Based on the artificial CoT calculation according to Freundl and Oster (explained below), this indicator provides traders with a versatile tool applicable across various markets, including individual stocks. Unlike its predecessor, CoF offers flexibility in its application, accommodating traders with different investment horizons, whether they operate on weekly, daily, hourly, or even minute candlesticks. By adjusting the period length in the settings, users can fine-tune the sensitivity of CoF to capture buy or sell signals, albeit with differing signal qualities. Additionally, CoF is equipped with alert functionalities, enhancing its usability for traders seeking timely market insights.

Sophisticated Calculation Methodology:
CoF derives its insights from a sophisticated calculation methodology, leveraging price range and price movement metrics to assess market dynamics. The indicator computes the ratio between the moving averages of price movement and price range over a specified period. This ratio, once normalized and scaled to a 0-100 range, provides traders with a quantifiable measure of market sentiment. Notably, CoF's calculation method, while nuanced, ensures accessibility and usability for traders seeking actionable insights without delving into complex mathematical formulations.

CoF-Index, represented on the chart, offers traders insights into market sentiment dynamics. Values below the sell threshold indicate potential selling pressure, triggering sell alerts to alert traders to potential downturns. Conversely, values exceeding the buy threshold signal buying opportunities, prompting buy alerts for traders to capitalize on potential market upswings. By aligning these interpretations with the trader's investment strategy, CoF aids in decision-making processes, offering nuanced perspectives on market movements.

Dynamic Color Coding for Visual Clarity:
To enhance user experience and facilitate quick decision-making, CoF incorporates dynamic color coding. Market conditions favoring selling are denoted by red hues, while those conducive to buying are highlighted in green. Neutral conditions, indicative of balanced market sentiment, are represented in neutral colors. This intuitive visual feedback enables traders to swiftly identify market opportunities and risks, empowering them to make informed trading decisions.

Customizable Parameters for Tailored Analysis:
Acknowledging the diverse trading preferences and strategies of its users, CoF offers customizable parameters. Traders can adjust the period length to fine-tune the indicator's sensitivity to their desired level, balancing the frequency and quality of signals according to their trading objectives. Additionally, CoF's alert functionalities allow traders to set personalized thresholds, aligning with their risk tolerance and market outlook.

In conclusion, CoF emerges as a valuable addition to the trader's toolkit, offering a versatile and accessible approach to market analysis. Built upon a foundation of sophisticated calculation methodologies, CoF provides traders with actionable insights into market sentiment across various timeframes and asset classes. Its intuitive visualizations, coupled with customizable parameters and alert functionalities, empower traders to navigate dynamic market conditions with confidence. Importantly, the CoF index offers traders the flexibility to employ a synthetically calculated method, inspired by the classic CoT-Index, regardless of market or investment horizon. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a novice trader, CoF equips you with the tools needed to stay ahead in today's competitive markets.
Styling: light colors were replaced with dark ones, especially since most users use light mode and otherwise CoF would not be recognizable in color ...

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