DOW / GOLD Ratio

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This indicator shows the ratio between the DJIA and the price of gold . When the ratio is below 5 it is generally accepted that a rotation from commodities to equities should be investigated. When the ratio is above 30 it is, likewise, advised to consider rotating from equities to commodities .

This is a modest improvement of the script to mark the key thresholds where equities/ commodities holdings rotations could be prudent. I’m sure I’ll be submitting a number of instances of these scripts as I learn the syntax and features while developing them.

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study(title="DOW/GOLD", shorttitle="DOW/GLD", overlay=false)
sym(s) => security(s, period, close)
DOWVGLD = (sym("DOWI") / sym("XAUUSD"))
plot(40, color=orange)
plot(30, color=fuchsia)
plot(5, color=fuchsia)
plot(3.20, color=orange)
plot(DOWVGLD, color=navy, linewidth=1)