BTFD strategy [3min]


I would like to introduce a very simple strategy to buy lows and sell with minimal profit
This strategy works very well in the markets when there is no clear trend and in other words, the trend going sideways
this strategy works very well for stable financial markets like spx500, nasdaq100 and dow jones 30

two indicators were used to determine the best time to enter the market:
volume + rsi values

volume is usually the number of stocks or contracts traded over a certain period of time. Thus, it is an important indicator of market activity and liquidity. Each transaction constitutes an individual exchange between the buyer and the seller and constitutes the trading volume of a given instrument or asset.

The RSI measures the strength of uptrends versus downtrends. The signal is the entry or exit of the indicator value of the oversold or overbought level of the market. It is assumed that a value below or equal 30 indicates an oversold level of the market, and an RSI value above or equal 70 indicates an overbought level.

the strategy uses a maximum of 5 market entries after each candle that meets the condition
uses 5 target point levels to close the position:

tp1= 0.4%
tp2= 0.6%
tp3= 0.8%
tp4= 1.0%
tp5= 1.2%

after reaching a given profit value, a piece of the position is cut off gradually, where tp5 closes 100% of the remaining position
each time you enter a position, a stop loss of 5.0% is set, which is quite a high value, however, when buying each, sometimes very active downward price movement, you need a lot of space for market decisions in which direction it wants to go

to determine the level of stop loss and target point I used a piece of code by RafaelZioni, here is the script from which a piece of code was taken

this strategy is used for automation, however, I would recommend brokers that have the lowest commission values ​​when opening and closing positions, because the strategy generates very high commission costs

Enjoy and trade safe ;)


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