Southnjes - Auto Fibonacci Levels

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I obtained this script elsewhere and modified it. Original Script by "borserman". Thank you for this.

I added some extras that he did not have, hence the uploaded and modified version.
I tried to add this to my "Southnjes- Multi 5MA/5EMA crossover signal + RSI / MACD / STOCH Div signal + Bollinger + Candlestick signals." But there were too many outputs so it had to go separate.

Anyway. You can change the "Fib period" to get the positions you need on the levels. Default is 100 but I will change mine to 25/50/200 and sometimes 180 or 220 which gives me my needed highs and lows for calculations. Play with it as it only takes a minute or so to get the desired H/L.

Golden pocket is mapped in golden.

Green is up, Red is down.

Higher Fib levels can be turned off or on (1.272-3.618).

I hope you all enjoy it and again, don't forget to visit borserman for his other great scripts. :)
BIG thank you to Midtownsk8rguy for helping to resolve this issue with the price placements.

Price levels are where they are supposed to be.
also now able to turn off an on levels from 1.272-3.618. ( I may add some higher values if requested like the 4.618 ect)
Fixed typo.
Added the 4.618 per request.

Changed the 0.65 - 0.66 (Chart Champions fav).

Also, keep in mind. When you have "AUTO" set to the bottom right in TradingView. Switching between timeframes (TF), draws legible Fibonacci levels.
If you have moved the chart via the "scale". You may get a compressed view of your Fibonacci levels until you space them out.
The easiest and best way to use the script is to keep the Auto selected, THEN change the TF to get the best view.
After you have that, feel free to scale. If you want a different TF after that, hit auto before you change TF's

With AUTO selected on the daily and 1 min chart and not changing the scale at all before the new TF.


15 min:

Changing the scale in between without resetting Auto from the daily to the 15 min


15 min:

So REMEMBER "AUTO" is your friend. :)
Hope this helps.
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