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This is an experimental study which calculates WMA and MA channel crossover over a specified period or interval using custom lengh for its calculations.

Some valuable tips:
- MUST USED Heikin-Ashi candles
- BTCUSD Bitstamp chart for longer backtest results
- Longer timeframe (2h, 4h, 1D, W) are better
- Moove the "Lengh - Speed" setting to adapt the strategy regarding the asset and timeframe used.

For example on BTCUSD ( Bitstamp ) my favorites "Lengh - Speed" values are:
4H > 4, 6, 31
1D > 6, 16
W > 12

Tested with both Crypto & Forex, results are extremly accurate and entry are most of the time predicted in the right way.

I don't necessarily recommend using this tool as a standalone, but rather as a supplement to your analysis systems.

This indicator DO NOT REPAINT

Hope you'll enjoy it :)
I have corrected the crossing coefficients regarding MA and WMA for even better results.

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