Fishing The Trend - Setup Classic v7.5.5

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FTT Classic v7.5.5

HOW Does it work ?
It is the classic version of Fishing The Trend-Setup for ease of trading & for getting the most from the market.
i.e. Combining the most useful indicators and making a whole setup under one roof...

FTT Classic comprises of following --
* IntraDay Range.
* Fishing The Trend.
* Custom VWAP .
* Baseband for Trend.
* Trendlines .
* Support & Resistance Lines.
* BreakOut Area.
* Technical Analysis table.
* Custom alerts.

1) HOW Does Intraday Range work ?
# For calculating the average most probable range for any symbol, it plots two areas - higher range and a lower range.
# This indicator is on - as default.
# Upper and Lower areas act as support and resistance , user may see a reversal in trend from these areas.
# If the price breaks these bands, breakout be considered.
# These bands are calculated by averaging the previous x number of days' high and low of the security.

3) HOW Does Fishing The Trend work ?
# When the market trend may try to reverse, the first signal/label will come showing Stop loss figure, and then if the trend reversal is confirmed, the supporting triangle in the next opening price will be placed at upper or lower side. along with these
there is a trailing stop-loss line, which will help user to trail their profits in-live.
# The CE-PE can be seen through the table with date and time.
# 2nd table also can be placed below the first one, showing the CE-PE Values for different symbol.
# Signals can be controlled by more or less as optioned in the settings.
# CE-PE strike price can be selected from ATM - ITM - OTM.

4) HOW Does Custom VWAP work ?
# VWAP will be placed having a line and current price of VWAP .
# One can have vwap in index chart also, the colour changes as the market goes above or below vwap or at vwap .

5) HOW Does Baseband for Trend work ?
# Baseband will be plotted for least 2 days on 3 min and gradually increases on increase of timeframe.
# If the market is above band, we may consider it a positive side and if market is below it, we may consider a negative side.
# Type 1 band is for trending market and type 2 is for rangebound market.
# Colour intensity also changes as market picks-up momentum or leaves momentum.

6) HOW Does Trendlines work ?
# Most nearest to most touching trendlines are placed for better understanding the trend.
# Easy to understand with the help of colour combinations.

7) HOW Does Support & Resistance Lines work ?
# The support & resistance lines will be drawn when market movement slows down or momentum decrease.
# The Support lines becomes resistance when market falls below it, and vice-versa for other conditions.
# Range development can be easily detected and can be used as range breakout for better understanding the market.

8) HOW Does BreakOut Area work ?
# Market Consolidates at most of the time, where the bulls and bears fight becomes more aggressive, at this point
of time the area will be formed or area will be formed when market trend reverses suddenly, leaving behind the previous
breakout area.
# Ease of trend reversal, previous supports / resistances can be seen easily.

9) HOW Does Technical Analysis table work ?
# There will be RSI displayed and for the better range detection, range area with price can be seen.
# The GAP of the opening market is seen with gap points (Down or Up)

10) HOW Does Custom alerts work ?
# Alerts can enabled for the CE-PE Strike Price through alerts management from Tradingview.
# Alerts can also be set when the Traffic Signal Comes.

Where to use?
# If the chart is of Index or equity, extended trading hours to be selected, time shall be exchange.
# Indicator wont work on timeframes lower than minutes or higher than or equal to day.
# can be used in every type of market.
# Extended to be selected for Index or Equities/Stocks, Regular be selected for futures , etc.
# At every part / portion the tooltip is placed showing the quick reference for that option.
# The main use of this indicator is quick scalping and Intra-day trading.
# Colour Theme can be selected if the chart theme is dark or light.
# The indicator shows a very useful option for early detection of the ongoing trend whether there will be reversal of trend or not ? Stop Loss - That should be done by following ones risk appetite, Ideally the High of the Previous Candle should be the stop loss for the Long / Short but everyone has their own Risk Management Strategies based on the capital deployed.

How to Take entry ?
# Time Frame shall be more than 2 min and less than day for better outcome.
# If buy signal comes and the market is below the baseband then wait for the market to cross and close above the baseband, also look for the immediate support or resistances which are seen in chart and those nearby the current signal.
# The data for the indicator will be very restricted, most of the parts in indicator wont work when the market closes.
# Pre-Opening or Post -Market data is tried to be ignored.
# Utmost Care is taken to implement the suggestions of users and also tried to keep the chart neat and clean.
** N.B.:- There may be cases where warning may come during setting the alert, this because
of alert conditions are taken ONLY when the current candle is CLOSED, real-time alerts are
considered as not feasible to get it.

# The indicator to be used for understanding / learning the markets.
# User is responsible for his / her profits/losses, that may occur during the markets.
What is updated ?
In Version 7.6
# Input options are organized.
# Alerts Management is clearly understandable.
# Cosmetic Updates.
What is updated ?

In this classic version v7.7, below is updated-
# BaseBand is now DUAL, so dual bands of limited data with colour changing is added, cross overs and cross under helps following the trend at an ease.
# Now daily timeframes is supported, but weekly, monthly is not.
# Cosmetic updates.
What is Updated?

# A Classic but very essential update, i.e. if the user tries to change the Chart type from Standard Candles to Other Type, the indicator will stop working, this will make user to use the standard chart and not the derived one.
What is updated ?

In version 8.2, below is updated##
-> Band Completion bug removed.
-> After market data is rectified.
-> Timeframe restricted to intraday only.
-> Some cosmetic updates.

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