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Deeply customizable trading algorithm with instant back-testing. Its position management and trading signals engines emulate every step of the trading process and display all the actions on the chart. For example, the algorithm shows when to enter or partially close a position, move stop-loss to breakeven, etc. The trader can use these signals in their decision-making and replicate these actions in their trading terminal. The script can also send real-time alerts to the user’s Email.

The trading signals feature calculates entry signals for momentum and trend trading. The calculation is based on trend filtering using our custom filter based on rolling historical volatility. The historical volatility is used to distinguish the market regime and determine the current trend direction. In its calculations, the algorithm uses linear regressions instead of averaging. As our practice shows, it helps to reduce signal lag while keeping the number of false signals low.

Set stop-loss and up to three take-profit levels, choose rules for moving the stop-loss level, adjust sensitivity of the entry signals and see the back-test result immediately. If the performance of the strategy satisfies you, proceed with the forward-testing or live-trading.

When using this script, please, keep in mind that past results do not necessarily reflect future results and that many factors influence trading results.

Use Starting Date - when the flag is turned off, the algorithm uses all available pricing data to calculate back-tests; when turned on, back-tests start from a starting date the user can select in the setting below.
Starting Date - sets a starting date for back-testing.

Trading Signals
Trade Length - defines the length of the trades the algorithm tries to calculate entry signals for. Recommended values are from 1.0 to 6.0.
Sensitivity - controls the sensitivity of the trading signals algorithm. The sensitivity determines the density of trading signals and how close the trailing-stop levels follow the price. The higher the value of this parameter is, the less sensitive the algorithm is. High values of the Sensitivity parameters (100-500) can help to withstand large price swings to stay in longer price moves. Lower values (10-100) work well for short- and medium-term trades.
Signals Type - In the Signals Type dropdown list, there are two options: Market Timing and Market Bias. Market timing is a type of trading signaling when the algorithm tries to find a perfect moment to enter and exit a trade. Market Bias is the type of trading signaling when the algorithm tries to be in a position all the time. When a trade is closed, the algorithm determines a direction to which the market is currently “biased” and immediately opens a trade in this direction.

Position Management
SL - sets stop-loss level measured as a percentage of the trade entry price
TP1, TP2, TP3 - sets take-profit levels measured as a percentage of the trade entry price
Close % at TP1, Close % at TP2, Close % at TP3 - Sets portions of the open position(as a percentage of the initial order size) to close at each of the TP levels
At TP1 move SL to, At TP2 move SL to - Sets the rules for moving stop-loss level in an open trade to protect the floating profit

Active Position Information - turns on/off a dashboard that shows the current SL and TP levels for the active position.
Recommended SL,TP Settings - turns on/off a dashboard that shows recommended settings for the SL and TP levels.
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