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Hi TV Community.

It's been sometime since I published any script / utility. But today, I am back with a new script.

Volume Analysis
Studying volume when in trade or before taking one is very important as seasoned traders would tell you. So, this script helps you to look at volume over a specific interval from current bar. You will have to set the look-back period in the settings dialog.

The script will then show over that period :

  • Number of Up and Down bars
  • Volume Ratio of Up Volume over Down Volume
  • Actual Up and Down Volume
  • Percentage of Up Volume to Down Volume

I use this information in all my trades and hope that you will also find this Script useful.

To my knowledge, I have not seen another volume analysis script that helps see volume in the way this script does.

This script does not give any buy or sell signal if that is what you are looking for. But if you see that Up Volume is 3 times Down Volume, then that should mean something to you. So also when price is slipping down.

I am sharing this Script without any warranties as to its usability. Use it only if you like it. As always when it comes to trading you and you alone are responsible for your actions.

All the best with your trades.
Made variables global to ensure historical data is accurate.
White spaces removed.

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