Financials Score

The Pine Script you've provided is designed to compute and display a "Financials Score" for a security based on several key financial metrics. This script is structured to run as an independent indicator on the TradingView platform, appearing in a separate pane rather than overlaying on the main price chart. Here's a breakdown of the script's components and functionality:

User Inputs
- **Period Selection**: Users can choose between 'FQ' (Financial Quarter) and 'FY' (Financial Year) to specify the period for which financial data should be considered.
- **Display Settings**: Allows customization of the table's appearance with inputs for text size, text color, data text color, and panel background color. These inputs help tailor the visual representation to the user's preferences.
- **Table Position**: Users can choose where to position any table within the indicator pane from several options like top left, top center, top right, etc.
- **Show Status Column**: A boolean input to decide whether to show an additional status column in any table outputs.

### Financial Metrics
The script retrieves various financial data points using the `` function. The data retrieved includes:
- **Operating Margin** (`opmar`)
- **Earnings Per Share (Basic)** (`eps`)
- **Price to Earnings Ratio** (`pe_ratio`)
- **Price to Book Ratio** (`pb_ratio`)
- **Debt to Equity Ratio** (`de_ratio`)
- **Return on Equity Adjusted to Book Value** (`roe_pb`)
- **Piotroski F-Score** (`fscore`)

### Scoring Logic
A scoring system is implemented where each financial metric contributes points to a total score based on specified conditions:
- **Operating Margin**: +20 points if greater than 20%.
- **EPS**: +20 points if greater than 0.
- **P/E Ratio**: +10 points if between 0 and 20.
- **P/B Ratio**: +10 points if less than 3.
- **D/E Ratio**: +10 points if less than 0.8.
- **ROE/PB Ratio**: +20 points if greater than 5.
- **F-Score**: +10 points if greater than 5.

The script uses ternary operators to conditionally add points to the `total_score` variable based on these criteria.

### Output
- **`plot` function**: The total score is plotted as a line graph in the indicator pane, allowing users to visually track the financial health score over time.

### Overall Functionality
This script is valuable for investors or traders who want to quickly assess the financial health of a company using key metrics and visualize this assessment directly within the TradingView interface. The score provides a simplified aggregate view that can aid in making investment decisions based on financial fundamentals.

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