MATHR3E Flow is a market timing tool which aims to anticipate trend reversals and highlight potential low risk entries.


MATHR3E Flow indicator is intended for advanced traders and may fit your profile, whether you are a day trader or a long-term investor.
It was originally developed by a renowned market analyst and documented in numerous books. Among them is the author Jason Perl .
It is recommended to have read the trading techniques mentioned in the books covering this indicator beforehand.

How to use:
Fibonacci Flow is a very complex tool, the purpose is not to detail it here but rather to introduce it briefly.
For a complete understanding, it is strongly recommended to read the books mentioned in the disclaimer section.

This indicator has two main components:
1 — The Prelude, which relies on momentum to define price ranges.
  From a Price Reversal there must be nine consecutive closes;
  each one less/greater than the corresponding close four bars earlier.
  Preludes are numbered from 1 to 9. A complete Prelude occurs on bar 9.
  It can be: Sharped / Flawed / Ignored / Extended
  Cross over parameter can also evaluate the slowdown in a price trend's intensity and qualify the inception of Flow
2 — The Flow, which comes into play once the Prelude is complete.
  They are trend based, and look for low-risk opportunities to fade established directional moves.
  Flows are counts numbered from 1 to 13. There are 3 of them:
   • SEQ: compares the current close with the low/high two bars earlier
   • AGG: compares the current low/high with the low/high two bars earlier
   • CMB: complex set of comparison with 2 available methods (not detailed here)

To handle the large amount of data to be displayed, they have been distributed over two indicators.
This indicator therefore works in pair with its companion: MATHR3E Flow Extension Dashboard.
The distribution of the display is as follows:

Current indicator:
 • Flow points
 • Markers for Flows cancelation (X)
 • Exhaustions points for:
   • SEQ: up to 13 (Identify trend fading)
   • AGG: up to 13 (For higher trading frequency)
   • CMB: up to 13 (Identify prospective turning points following an abrupt price movement)

Companion indicator:
 • Prelude points
 • Markers for Extension preludes (E)
 • Prelude Risk lines
 • Flow Risk lines
 • Prelude Trend Support and resistance
 • Dashboard for supervision of ongoing counts


Fibonacci Sequence
The number 13 is part of the Fibonacci sequence which is nature’s numbering system.

Exhaustion points
Potential exhaustion points emerge whenever the individual flows reach Fibonacci number 13.
These points may help traders to identify low-risk buy or sell opportunities.

Risk Lines
Once the trader has selected an entry point, the displayed risk lines should encourage the trader to remain disciplined and apply proper money management.
Position sizing remains the responsibility of the trader.
Available risk lines:
 • buy/sell Preludes
 • buy/sell Flows

Nested Flows
The indicator can track up to three nested Flows.

During the path to reach point number 13, it is very common to trigger other Prelude in the same direction as the previously initiated trend.
MATHR3E Flow will address these potential market renewal with multiples options:
 • Prelude range qualifiers
 • Renewal Multiplier

Its Companion indicator also provides programmable alerts whose format can be adapted to be received on Discord servers
Configure your alerts and get notified on:
 • Trend changes
 • BUY or SELL P9
 • BUY or SELL S13
 • BUY or SELL A13
 • BUY or SELL C13


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