STIC bullish and bearish hunter with FVG

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Smart Trading and Investment Companion (STIC) is a sophisticated tool designed to identify and visualize inducement, market structure, market trends, track liquidity, and project and forecast price action for all applicable assets. it has been tested to work on all timeframes and has been traded on stock, forex, and crypto assets.
This script is an upgraded version of previous STIC indicator, which you can use in addition to it or separately as you deem fit

Traders/ investor that are familiar with market structure, inducement, candlestick psychology, trend-following indicatorsand Fair Value Gap FVG will find it easy to adopt this trading and investment companion. As stated below, this is how it works.

Features and how to use
1st of all, after adding the indicator to yoursuperchart, you want to endusre to set your <visual order> to <bring to front> so as to enable you see the text labeling clearly. to do that, after adding the indicator to your chart, right click it on the list, you will se the Visual order option.

Special Extreme Alert!
By analyzing the trends and dimensions, we are able to predict market extremes conditions, especially in pump and dump scenarios. (the bullish or bearish P/D extreme alerts).

Market flip arrow
The arrows trigger to indicate when the market flips to bullish (green) or bearish (red) conditions. note that this arrow is just a market flip confirmation and it it triggered by market trends, it does not come one time and sometimes later after market trigger conditions had been met.
circled in white.

Buy or sell potential {The tiny yelow(sell) and blue(buy) triangle}
By analyzing market extreme conditions, market sentiment, and liquidity, the buy/sell potential alert trigger is able to determine the state of the market, This can and should be used in combination with the market flip line (MFL)[the yellow line from , market flip trigger (MFT) (purple line), and market support/resistance line (MSR)(blue line) .

Market flip Line (Blue line) (MFL): the MFL is useful to also understand the market phase; a candle close above the MFL is bullish, while a candle close Below, the MFL is bearish. You are, however, expected to experience market retests and rejections coupled with support and resistance to follow through with the predicted direction. Patience is a valuable virtue in trading.

Extended sell or buy hunt (Red and Green Triangle)
this is real-time triangles indicator just like every other indicator on theis chart that indicates the market direction labeled with buy and sell. Note that the market-extended extreme can occur multiple times in the same direction. Hence, we'll advise having multiple trade entries.

The flip support line
Market Flip Trigger Line (MFTL) (Magenta): When the market crosses and closes below or above the Market Flip Trigger Line, you should wait for a confirmation. a confirmation is usually a retest or rejection of the line. A candle close and reject indicates the market as flip direction and it is going for a correction or major reversal. it is applicable on all timeframe.

As mentioned earlier, if you understand market structure and sentiment, using the uFVG, iFVG, upLQTY, downLQTY and BOS will be easy. however, this is how it works, you may need tohave and expanded readbout market structure for additional knowledge.

upLQTY (Bullish liquidity inducement)
The indicator appear at the close and confirmation on the 3rd candle and it is extended to only appear on 200 bars applicable on all timeframes.
This is a bullish sentiment and liquidty inducement order block that occurs, leading to the break of trend structure and change of character. Meaning the market sentiment as change which is backed up by liquidity in that region, which mostly gets filled, especially on lower timeframes before the price action continues. If price revese breaks and hold above this region, it invalidates the order block. This will always appear when there is a confirmed change of character CHoCH to the bullish side.

downLQTY (Bearish liquidity inducement) The indicator appear at the close and confirmation on the 3rd candle and it is extended to only appear on 200 bars applicable on all timeframes. It is and inverse of the upLQTY.
like order block, these are supply and demand zones that has the potential to change the direction of a trade. This is a bearish order block that occurs, leading to the break of structure and change of character. Meaning there is bearish liquidity yet to be accounted for in the region, which mostly gets filled, especially on lower timeframes before the price action continues. If broken, it invalidates the order block. This will always appear when there is a confirmed change of character from CHoCH to the bearish side.

Fair Value Gap
From general knowledge, FVG also know as Fair value gaps are inbalnace created by a 3 candlestick pattern where the top of the bottom candles doesn't cross the bottom of the top candle. like order block, these are supply and demand zones that has the potential to change the direction of a trade. This mostly indicate the presense of big plays in the market. for STIC indicator, FVG are labeled as listed below;
UFVG, also FVGup, {Colour green box} = bullish imbalance fair value gap
IFVG, aka FVGdown, {Red box} = bearish imbalance fair value gap
OIFVG, {Yellow box, no label} = other imbalances fair value gab

You should not that FG has upper, lower and middle band, any of the this area can be induced and filled by price.

Alert Conditions!
Buy alert conditions
- Any bullish buy alert
- Bullish hunt
- Re-entry Buy
- Sharp Market Sell rejection
- Buy potential
- upLQTY

Long position Exit conditions
- ExtremeB
- Profit
- Sell hunt
The Entry, exit and trail profit alert trigger should be used as position exit conditions either for a Long (Buy) or Short (Sell) situation and should be set as OPB (Once Per Bar). Using it as entry for exit or vice versa as shown not to be very profitable. hence the need to combine with other order entry alerts like the Any bullish or Bearish alerts

Sell alert conditions ( NOTE: All Sell alert are not yet included in this current version as this is targeted towards bullrun.)
- Sell potential
- Sell triangle (Sell hunt)
- downLQTY

and any trail profit alert, this alert put into consideration all the conditions required to trail profit.

Risk management advice
Patience and a good risk management strategy are required to be profitable trader using this tool. You need to ensure not to overleverage, and you should have multiple entries in case the buy coditions/alert shows again below the previous buy alert before a sell condition/alert occurs.

Market flip triggers are optimized.
Toward identifying a possible correction or market flip. This alert helps you to potentially position for a reversal while you combine the output with other indicators on the chart, like the FVG and other buy and sell conditions.
This trigger alerts you when the market potentially enters a correction phase. This can help us identify when Bitcoin will break down for correction or retracement.
NOTE: This alert can be set on all timeframes, but for bear/bull market triggers, it is best set on 12H, daily, or weekly TF.
Sell alert conditions included, which is applicable on all timeframes
the bullish entry and any bullish alert and take profit have also been optimized.
You can set your alert condition using the alert features in tradeview.
Current updates include:
Optimizing the buy/sell potential 2 triangle and alert. Buy/Sell 2 is now split into two types.
buy or sell 2 and Ebuy or Esell 2
Ebuy/Esell stands for extended buy/sell condition.
This normally occurs when the initial buy/sell condition is yet to close and the market is deviating or consolidating further

If you have already set trade alerts for STIC v2 on TradingView, please delete them, as the latest update will not take effect on existing alerts.

Also note that for optimum profit, I'll recommend to be used as the only alert to exit and trail profit.
This update includes:
1. optimizing and smoothing the buy-and-sell potential algorithm to reduce noise.

2. fixing bugs associated with and . You can now use any buy/sell triggers.
Note: If you already set alerts, you will need to delete them and reset them so as to allow the new update to take effect.

3. The re-entry buy/sell trigger has been optimized to only trigger after an inbalanced buy/sell is detected.
Send a message to request access
This update includes addition of dynamic stop-loss and trailing stop (protect profit) represented by the cross (X). Note that ithe stoploss is dynamic as it follows market momentum.
You can nows utilized the bullish/bearish stoploss alert.

Sometime, hiting stop are bound to happen. Its better stopped out than extended loss.
Dynamic Stoploss and trailstop optimized suggesting 2% deviation trigger.


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