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1. This is a script for crypto trading strategies, based on following trends with moving averages.
A fast moving average and a slower getting crosschecked with MACD for buying/selling signals, those signals get crosschecked by 5 different factors, like the MACD or controlling average.
Only if all requirements will be met, the script expects the trend to change and sends an according signal.
This strategy is not made for multiple entries and keeps a position open until an opposite signal gets triggered.

It was built with ETH/USD 15min chart in mind, but can be used on any other chart, though you will have to find a different combination in inputs, to make it work with other pairs or timeframes.

Fast average: The faster of the two signal moving averages.
Slow average: The slower of the two signal moving averages.
Trend strength: Determines the crosscheck with the MACD .
Control length: Sets the period length for the control average (1=1bar, 300=300bars)

Inputs used here are:

Fast average: 5
Slow average: 19
Trend strength: 4
Control length: 306

Start capital: 1000
Trade equity: 100%
Commission: 0.036% (Binance)

Result 2020-06-11 until 2021-01-07
Net Profit: 717.56%
Percent Profitable: 54.17%
Max Drawdown: 8.79%
Profit Factor: 6.523

2. There are many combinations with good net profit outcomes, but make sure to also keep a low "Max Drawdown", to lower the risk substantially.
The combination we used, gives slightly less profit than other combinations, but also lowers the max drawdown from 20% to 9%.

In general in trading with crypto we advice to only use this strategy with Bitcoin or Ethereum , due to their high value and "stable" movements, compared to other cryptocurrencies.

The strategy is using 100% equity each trade, so make sure to have your capital management in place on the account.
To be specific, DONT put all your capital into this one strategy, but only part of it, according to your capital management.

Control lengths around 150 or 300 tend to give good combinations with the other 3 inputs. (on the 15min chart)

3. You can test this strategy 14 days for free and get access for up to 1 year on our website.
14 day free trial only requires Tradingview user name and e-mail.
Click on the link in our signature below.

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