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This Pine Script calculates a Stop Loss and Take Profit order suggestion based on the Average True Range (ATR). This provides a market generated visual reference for the user to better gauge risk and profit potential for their trades. This is not a trade signal system, it is a tool best used in conjunction with an existing system.



stopLossMultiplier and takeProfitMultiplier: These are input parameters that allow the user to adjust the multiplier for calculating stop loss and take profit levels.

longIndicator: This input parameter determines whether the script is calculating levels for a long setup (buy) or a short setup (sell).

Variable Initialization:

Various variables are initialized to manage labels, lines, and calculated stop loss and take profit levels.

ATR (Average True Range) is calculated using a period of 14.

Calculation of Stop Loss and Take Profit:

Depending on the value of longIndicator stop loss and take profit levels are not calculated the same way.

For long setups, stop loss is calculated below the closing price and take profit above, while for short setups, it's the opposite.

The calculation involves multiplying the ATR value by the user-defined multipliers and adding or subtracting from the closing price accordingly.

Plotting Lines:

Lines representing the calculated stop loss, take profit, and entry price are plotted on the chart.

Displaying Labels:

Labels displaying the calculated stop loss, take profit, and entry price are shown on the chart alongside the respective lines.

Updating and Deleting Objects:

Existing lines and labels are updated or deleted to ensure only the most recent levels are displayed on the chart.

Final Output:

The script outputs visual representations of stop loss, take profit, and entry price levels on the chart, providing traders with guidance for risk management and profit-taking strategies based on the volatility of the market.

In summary, this Pine Script enhances trading strategies by calculating and illustrating stop loss and take profit levels based on the Average True Range indicator, offering traders a structured way to manage risk and profit potential.

Special thanks to Cryptosnagger for taking the time to build this Pine Script and share it freely with the community.
Chart update to better reflect output.

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