Candle Overlay and Change From Open Percent

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Candle Overlay and Change from Open Percentage

This script is free for all to use was designed to be non-cluttering for those who like their charts clean. This script features two things:
1) An option to allow a candle overlay over the existing stock/security in a charting window.
- By default, the additional candle overlay uses the same ticker you're currently looking at
- By default, the chart resolution for the additional candle overlay uses the same chart resolution as the current charting window you're using
- Please note that if you enable an additional candle overlay for a stock/security that has a wider gap in the stock price between the two different stock/securities, the additional candle overlay may not be visible, due to the big variances in stock price (unless you zoom out to get both charts to fit).
- The benefit to having this feature, is the ability to use a line chart as the primary and the candle chart as the secondary (each overlaying another)

2) An information window showing the percentage change from the market open
- If the market is not currently open, you will see a message, which reads "MARKET CLOSED" and underneath it, the stock/security price from the prior trading day
- If the market is open, you will see a couple of things:
a) The information window will either be green or red and geared towards mostly day traders. This color is based on whether the current price is above or below the market open price. The default color if the current price is at or above market open price is green and the default color if the current price is below the market open price is red. Although, not always the case, you can generally assume if the stock price is above the market open price that the overall trend is generally bullish (but again, not always the case, as there's other varying factors that come into play).
b) There's two lines displayed on the information window and these information automatically changes depending on the color of the information window.
c) The first line that starts with a star symbol begins with the current percentage change/move from the market open price and the secondary number on the same line is either the absolute highest (or lowest) percentage change uncovered during the current trading day. If the information window is green, this percentage number is the highest percentage uncovered. If the information window is red, this percentage number is the lowest percentage uncovered. Please note that nobody knows the absolute highest and lowest price of any particular stock on any particular day; therefore, sometimes the only way to have a better sense of what the absolute highest (or lowest) percentage possible on a stock/security is when the day progresses into power hour and into the market close.
d) The second line that starts with either an UP and DOWN arrow indicates the estimated projected max percentage (again depending on whether the information window is green or red). Please note that this feature is completely experimental and subject to future code changes. If the information window is green, this percentage number guesses what the max percentage change the stock price will go up to. If the information window is red, this percentage number guesses what the max percentage change the stock price will go down to.
e) Please note that the second line which provides the estimated max percentage (either up to down) should not be used as an indicator for your trading, but rather just for entertainment. The estimated percentage max change can auto-adjust itself throughout the day. Stock news, unexpected high trading volume, etc... can cause a stock/security price to exceed (or shortfall) this estimated max percentage.

* Please note that this script is in its early beta stage and there could be bugs. This is being provided as is and the information provided by this script is meant for informational/entertainment purposes only.
Made some minor changes. This new version includes a sentiment indicator, which shows how bullish the stock/security is. A single empty star indicates zero bullishness, whereas at least one full star indicates some sense of bullishness. The max full stars is 5, which is 100% bullishness.
With version 2.1, the following has been added:
- Option to hide or show the algo-driven predicted estimated max percentage move (2nd line of the information window). This algo-prediction system is experimental and has not changed from the prior version. I'm not exactly happy with the current algo system as it is and needs to be updated in the future.
- Option to hide or show the bullish sentiment (3rd line of the information window). I think there's an opportunity to improve this and subject to change in the future as well.

Please note that there's no option to hide the current percentage move from the open and the max percentage *uncovered* move (in that direction). This is the 1st line of the information window. To my knowledge, this is accurate during market open hours and is the most useful tool of this script.
As with all other scripts on TradingView, you will need to remove and re-add this script to each of your chart(s) to update from the prior version.
Fixed a cosmetic bug where the arrow direction and the max percentage downward move uncovered was computing wrong when disabling the 2nd and 3rd lines.
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