JERK UP {LM.Alerts Edition} (D)

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This is the "LONGS-MANAGEMENT Alerts" {LM.Alerts} Edition of JERK UP to enable auto-trading via alerts signaling.
Only the long-signals, generated from the underlying JERK UP algorithm, is used in this strategy-alerts script, with my latest risk-exit (collect gains) and stop-limit algorithms, as well as a bear-market filter, implemented.

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Since {LM.Alerts} engine only focuses on trading and managing longs, a bear-market filter is implemented base on the FUSIONGAPS indicator.
The FUSIONGAPS algorithm signals local bull or bear market phases, and then disables trades conditionally to reduce the chances of having to take losses during a local bear market phase (since the short-signals are not traded).

Enabling the different (Fastest >> Slowest) FUSIONGAPS levels (e.g. 50/15, 100/50, 200/50, 200/100, etc) activates the use of each of these levels to decide the local bull/bear market phases.

So in summary, the {LM.Alerts} algorithm trades up a bullish-hill, taking profits along the way; but stops all trading activity when the market is rolling down a bearish-hill; and then once a local bull-phase is detected again, it resumes trading, etc.

Note: To trade on both bullish and bearish phases, {LM.Alerts} scripts can be applied on an inverse-chart (i.e. 0-BTCUSD) for shorts.

The {LM.Alerts} engine will be ported to my other more powerful trade-signaling scripts in the future.

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Note: In no way is this intended as a financial/investment/trading advice. You are responsible for your own investment decisions and/or trades.

The signaling algorithm of JUP is based the RCVI & RCDI
Truncate analysis of bars before user-specified back-test date to speed up script loading.
Added a couple of "DEV tools".
Bug fix.
Disabled conditional short-signals as the default settings -- turning this on may improve performance on certain smaller (< 30 mins, etc.) time frames.
Added sell price onto markers.
Optimized FUSIONGAPS settings.

Language changes:

Changed "Buy" to "Enter"
Changed "Sell" to "Exit"
Fixed typo.
Added a "message display" within the script itself, to allow the current status of development to be communicated to users as a message printed on the chart itself -- which can be easily updated w/o being buried within the long-chain of PINESCRIPT publication release notes tend not to get read.
Bug Fix.
Enabled delay for Buys as the default.

Currently developing the Shorts-Management {SM.Alerts} version to allow continued trading during detected bear-phases where Longing imposes higher risks on average.
Once both LM and SM engines have been sufficiently perfected, it will be ported to my other better and more sophisticated signaling scripts to drive it.
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