[astropark] Trend Skywalker V1 [alarms]

Dear Followers,

today another awesome Swing and Scalping Trading Strategy indicator: Trend Skywalker!
It shows a trend cloud that reacts very fast to price action, so it's perfect for trending markets: it helps a lot to find out
  • when a trend is going to end and a new is going to start
  • when to enter again within a trending market
  • where to put your stoploss

In this example below you can see the three points above:

In fact in a trending market it will highlight that:
  • price consolidation within the could is a trend weakening signal, so you can easily spot when a trend is going to end and a new is going to start
  • bullish/bearish trend cloud retests are nice opportunity to re-enter within a trending market, especially if cloud is thick
  • where to put your stoploss (below the cloud and/or recent low in a buy scenario, above the cloud and/or recent high in a sell scenario)

This strategy/indicator has the following options:
  • change analysis window (the lower, the more reactive; the higher, the less reactive)
  • enable/disable signals on chart
  • enable/disable "more confirmations" signals filter
  • enable/disable bars and background coloring based on trend
  • enable/disable an automatic Trailing Stop strategy option (Automatic Stops)
  • enable/disable a peak profit tracker (the max percentage profit labels)
  • enable/disable highlights of trend cloud retests
  • enable/disable highlights of trend cloud price breakouts

Here below some examples how the indicator works on many markets and timeframe.




This strategy only trigger 1 buy (where to start a long trade) or 1 sell (for short trade).
Keep in mind that proper risk management and money management strategies are very important to manage your trades (DM me if you need any clarification on these points).

This script will let you set all notifications you may need in order to be alerted on each triggered signals.
The one for backtesting purpose can be found by searching for the astropark's "Trend Skywalker" and then choosing the indicator with "strategy" suffix in the name, or you can find here below:

This is a premium indicator, so send me a private message in order to get access to this script.

I'm a software engineer, passionate for trading & developing trading tools & bots! Feel free to DM me & checkout my work:

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