MCG - Meme Coin Gains [Logue]

Meme Coin Gains. Investor preference for meme coin trading may signal irrational exuberance in the crypto market. If a large spike in meme coin gains is observed, a top may be near. Therefore, the gains of the most popular meme coins (DOGE, SHIB, SATS, ORDI, BONK, PEPE, and FLOKI) were averaged together in this indicator to help indicate potential mania phases, which may signal nearing of a top. Two simple moving averages of the meme coin gains are used to smooth the data and help visualize changes in trend. In back testing, I found a 10-day "fast" sma and a 20-day "slow" sma of the meme coin gains works well to signal tops and bottoms when extreme values of this indicator are reached.

Meme coins were not traded heavily prior to 2020. Therefore, there is only one cycle to test at the time of initial publication. Also, the meme coin space moves fast, so more meme coins may need to be added later. Also, once a meme coin has finished its mania phase where everyone and their mother has heard of it, it doesn't seem to run again (at least with the data up until time of publication). Therefore, the value of this indicator may not be great unless it is updated frequently.

The two moving averages are plotted. For the indicator, top and bottom "slow" sma trigger lines are plotted. The sma trigger line and the periods (daily) of the moving averages can be modified to your own preferences. The "slow" sma going above or below the trigger lines will print a different background color. Plot on a linear scale if you want to view this as similar to an RSI-type indicator. Plot on a log scale if you want to view as similar to a stochastic RSI.

Use this indicator at your own risk. I make no claims as to its accuracy in forecasting future trend changes of Bitcoin or the crypto market.


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