LotSizeCalc_v1 (EUR)

mmarcel94 ที่อัปเดต:   
Hey there,

here I like to publish my first TradingView Script for the Indicator "LotSizeCalc" which calculates the LotSize for the currency '€' for e.g. the MT4-App depending on the following parameters:
- Stop Loss in pips (example: 30 pips)
- Account Balance in EUR (example: 500€)
- Risk in % (example: 1%)

It is very similar to the MyFxBook Calculator on their website, where you can compare the results for the lotsize.

You receive the calculated value next to the indicator, and - for mobile device - it also shows a label with the calculated lotsize (which you can deacivate via settings if you like).

The indicator works for the included common foreign Forex pairs (AUD, CAD, CHF, JPY, JPY, GBP, NZD, USD) in order to calculate the risk to a EUR-Trading Account.

Actually, the Script allows in general some adaptations due to your trading system. This one is the most basic version.

Happy pips and I wish you safe and risk-calculated trading!

Marcel :)
Hello, here is an update to the the script.

The latest version now:
- shows the charts without the problem of "compressing" the chart that has occured before
- has the opportunity to adapt the distance from the last candlechart to the printed label.

Stay tuned if there are any more updates.

Marcel :)

update on my script (now named as version v3)

I realize that the input parameter for Risk & StopLoss had a maximum value which is now removed - so for e.g. Bitcoin you can now also use bigger SLs than 100 pips (which was the latest max. value)

I inform you if there are any updates.

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