Multi Supertrend with no-repaint and HTF option

This indicator has 2 Supertrends to filter the trend.
The Default one uses the same timeframe as chart.
The additional Supertrend is non-repaint type and can run on higher timeframes.
It has an auto-higher timeframe selection option, thanks to LonesomeTheBlue, the original author.
It is accurate on current timeframe also.
เอกสารเผยแพร่: update
เอกสารเผยแพร่: Added higher timeframe feature for both the Supertrends
เอกสารเผยแพร่: Added some alerts :)

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anyway to actualy buy and sell text?
Nice work. What do the signals alert mean? Can you make a short explanation of it? I have read the source code but don't really understand.

HT1 = 6 min.
HT2 = 1 hour.

Long Price Entry = HT2 uptrend printed.
Long Price Exit = HT1 downtrend printed.

Short Price Entry = HT2 downtrend printed.
Short Price Exit = HT1 uptrend printed.

Please help me.
ramki_simple FarhatBmdhj
@FarhatBmdhj, We look for alignment of both the supertrend output to capture strong moves.
made a simple illustration where the supertrend with high level view captures the bigger trend and the other captures the finer trend.
Can you please change the default current parameter to customised like if we are trading on 30 minute can you use 60 min and 2 hour time frame supertrend
ramki_simple rahul.singla.923
Hi @rahul.singla.923, Updated code for this customization :)
rahul.singla.923 ramki_simple
@ramki_simple, cool sir and can we replaced dashed band with straight lines .
rahul.singla.923 rahul.singla.923
ramki_simple rahul.singla.923
Hello @rahul.singla.923, sorry for the late reply.
I have not used dashed line in the code, you are probably referring to another indicator that I use on my charts.
rahul.singla.923 ramki_simple
@ramki_simple, no sir l want to say like continuous moving band rather than dashed lines
ramki_simple rahul.singla.923
@rahul.singla.923, sorry, did not understand. Can you rephrase your statement ?