[TTI] NDR 63-Day QQQ-QQEW ROC% Spread

Welcome to the NDR 63-Day QQQ-QQEW ROC% Spread script! This script is a powerful tool that calculates and visualizes the 63-day Rate of Change (ROC%) spread between the QQQ and QQEW tickers. This script is based on the research conducted by Ned Davis Research (NDR), a renowned name in the field of investment strategy.

⚙️Key Features:
👉Rate of Change Calculation: The script calculates the 63-day Rate of Change (ROC%) for both QQQ and QQEW tickers. The ROC% is a momentum oscillator that measures the percentage price change over a given time period.
👉Spread Calculation: The script calculates the spread between the ROC% of QQQ and QQEW. This spread can be used to identify potential trading opportunities.
👉Visual Representation: The script plots the spread on the chart, providing a visual representation of the ROC% spread. This can help traders to easily identify trends and patterns.
👉Warning Lines: The script includes warning lines at +600 and -600 levels. These lines can be used as potential thresholds for trading decisions.

To use this script, simply add it to your TradingView chart. The script will automatically calculate the ROC% for QQQ and QQEW and plot the spread on the chart. You can use this information to inform your trading decisions.

This script is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. Trading involves risk and is not suitable for all investors. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

This script is based on the research conducted by Ned Davis Research (NDR). All credit for the underlying methodology and concept goes to NDR.

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