Quan Channel - Quan Dao

niceboomer ที่อัปเดต:   
I tried several channels, like the supertrend, ATR, Donchian or Bollingers, but they do not seem to fit my needs.

So I created a new channel to PREDICT the next impulse move of a price.

The current value of the top or bottom of the channel is based on 2 previous candles (not the candle itself), and it takes into account:
- The Direction of the previous candles (red or green) and
- The Width of their bodies

In my channel, the top or bottom lines will cover the price movement most of the time. But in some cases, when the price is on a big move, it will go out of the channel. And this is the time we need to consider a buy/sell (or take some profit) as well (not necessarily 100% of the time, though).

Personally, I like to use another oscillator in combination with this channel to predict whether it will reverse after the breakouts or continue to make another peak. If you are a DCA or long-term investor, I guess it would be safe to buy at the blue signals (out of bottom) and take some profits at the orange signals (out of top).

I also added an alert when the price breaks out of the channel for easier tracking.
Made the formula shorter.

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