MTF stochastic strategy

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This strategy is based on MTF strategy found on Forex Factory forum and published by bobby2 (credits to him).
This is quite simple but need improvement to work properly:
1- it is made for 5 min chart
2- when 15min stochastic cross above 50 and 5min stochastic is rising, buy
3- when 15min stochastic cross below 50 and 5min stochastic is falling, sell
เอกสารเผยแพร่: Major update:
- Updated to pinescript version 4
- Now strategy works with any timeframe;
- MTF is calculated based on current timeframe: if current TF is 30min, MTF is set automatically to 60min;
- MTF stoch is smoothed using linear regression.

Overall performances are very good in terms of profit factor, drawdown and net profit.

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Thanks for sharing, but have you found a solution for all the repainting? I turned this into a study with signal, completely different results. Cheers
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italo_1 chrisgermano
@chrisgermano, Hello - Can you share the fixed code for the study and with signals ?
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tienes más información, algún video?
There is a bug on this strategy. Strategy.exit is not set correctly. As a result, tradingview calculate exit strangely :
at the higher value of candle of same long entry candle
at the lowest value of candle for same short entry candle.

Of course then results look awesome.
Hello. I am not understand how to interpret "when 15min stochastic cross above 50 and 5min stochastic is rising, buy" and vice versa. I know what the 50 line is, but Which is the 15m line and the 5 m line? Which color? Can you help? thank you
Thank you, much appreciated!