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This strategy majorly uses MA, Tilson and S&R. MA is used for predicting the trend, Instead of normal cross-over of the MA, we are calculating the trend of the MA itself (whether MA is moving upward or downward by comparing the previous and current value of MA), along with MA we also use Tilson to calculate the MA.
Once we have MA and Tilson we take average and merge both MA and Tilson MA to get a double confirmation on the trend of the market. for entry and exit we use S&R with the merged MA, if the trend change is at the support or resistance level we go for LONG/SHORT respectively. Here we are doing continuous LONG+SHORT position, this provides more opportunity to capture unexpected market trend.
Enter a Long Trade when the script shows "Long" and exit either when you get "Short" signal or when it meets your target.

"Use 1:EST, 2:SST, 3:HST ?" : Select EMA , SMA or HullMA (works best on HullMA)
Length: Length of the EMA / SMA /HullmA
Factor: Used for calculation of Tilson and the Support and resistance .
Date/month/day : for selecting the right backtesting the period (currently it set to Jan 2018 to current day )

for this backtesting i have used 1000$ capital and 0.02% commission for each trade.

This strategy works best on 4H time fram but you can also use it on 1 day or higher timeframe charts

The default config present in this script is designed for ETH but it will also work with other coins)
Config for Specific Crypto coins (Please feel free to try out other configs also) :

ADA, BNB, EOS : "Use 1:EST, 2:SST, 3:HST ?" = 3
"Length" = 8
"Factor" = 0.9

ETC, XLM : "Use 1:EST, 2:SST, 3:HST ?" = 3
"Length" = 8
"Factor" = 0.85

Please DM me if you would like to tryout 7 Days free trail.
Updated date from 2021 to 2999 for backtesting.
Removed backtesting quantity from chart to make it look clean.

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