Forecast BCH/USD

Complex Patterns
All the Channeling rules I have developed over the years and the clues which they provide are more reliable in "standard" Elliott Patterns. When the market unfolds in a more complex, Non-Standard manner,specific rules are harder to define,but the following I have found to be reliable. Generally ,the base trendline will run across only the "0" Point and the X-wave or the b-wave of the pattern.If the b-wave consume more time then the x-wave the channel will be drawn using the b-waves. If the x-wave is the largest corrective phase,the trendline should be drawn from point "0" across the first x-wave . Below is a list of rules for each category of Complex Correction

The Double Zigzag unlike any other Elliott pattern can provide an ideal channeling environment. Two parallel lines should contain the entire series of multiple advances and declines This is one of the significant differences between Impulse formations and Double Zigzag



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