BCeyhan Hull Strategy System by Hassonya

Here is the 1 Hour Hull Moving Average Strategy System

1 hour strategy for Day Traders or Swing Traders.

Our purpose in this system, we have a channel belonging to hullma50 - Channel Top and Channel Bottom.

The indicator warns us when the price rises above hullma14 with green arrow.

Then it tells us to be ready when she collides with the lower band.

When hullma14 breaks hullma50 up, we make our first part purchase.

Then hullma14 breaks hullma100 up, we make our second part purchase.

The system warns you with a red arrow when the price drops below the hull moving average of hullma14. If you want, you can sell there.

Then, when the upper band is broken, it warns with caution with the C label.

And finally, when we break down hullma14, hullma 50, we sell parts and we completely exit hullma14, hullma100 down the position we have.

Our strategy is when Hullma50 is below hullma100. If hullma100 is below hullma50, we will buy the first piece when hullma14 breaks hullma100 up. When hullma14 breaks hullma50 up, we will buy a second piece. That's it

Here is the Resistance/Support Breakouts Alerts with green and red arrows

C label is Careful R label is Ready.

and last one, the candle bars were adjusted on a volume based colored bars.
You can find the necessary explanation about the use of bars here.

You can use it in different indicators to support the strategy. ( Rsi , Macd , Stochastic ...)


เอกสารเผยแพร่: In the new version,
- label issues fixed
- label names shortened

B is Buy, A is Add, D is decrease, S is Sell, R is ready, C is Careful.

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