CDC ActionZone Multi-TF,Mult-Ticker with alert() [P-O-Concept]

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This is proof-of-concept for using single screen displaying triggering signal of multiple stock/crypto

This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at
1. Original CDC Action Zone v3 2020 by © piriya33
Source of original indicator : 2. Table concept/part of code is pulled from Portfolio Tracker

CDC Action Zone is based on a simple EMA crossover between EMA12 and EMA26
The zones are defined by the relative position of price in relation to the two EMA lines
Different zones can be use to activate / deactivate other trading strategies
The strategy can also be used on its own with acceptable result, buy on the first green candle
and sell on the first red candle

Hint Color Meaning :
  • Green = FastMA > SlowMA and Price is above FastMA
  • Blue = FastMA < SlowMA and Price is above both MA
  • LightBlue = FastMA < SlowMA and Price is between both MA

  • Red = FastMA < SlowMA and Price is below FastMA
  • Orange = FastMA > SlowMA and Price is below both MA
  • Yellow = FastMA > SlowMA and Price is between both MA

Blue/LightBlue/ Orange /Yellow should be used with another indicator (such as divergent or so)

- This indicator is not meant to be used as "Signal" or "Trading System"
- This indicator provide a quick-glimpse to multiple ticker in same screen. You'll still have to see indications using original CDC Action Zone (If you're using with CDC System), or combining with another indicator (For shorter tf or scalping, or short/long cover)
- Up to 10 Tickers / Timeframe + Current ticker

Alert Creation Guideline
  • If this indicator will be used as alert. The timeframe for ticker should be set to "same as" the chart you're using, ie , to set alert on 4h, it should be created in 4h-timeframe (Alert is fired on bar close, using 1D-TABLE in 4H-CHART may trigger alert up to 6 times. else if using in 4H-TABLE in 1D-CHART the alert may not trigger at all)
  • Considering using ohlc4, hlc3, hl2 for market with no session

    PS. Send me a message if you see any bug. (especially if using JSON, I have no chance to test with multiple alert at same tick.)
- Shortened indicator name
- Added option to show/hide RSI14/EMA12-26-50-200
- Fixed unchecked alert still alert.
- Added option to change alert frequency.
- Allow disabling current symbol (preventing double alert when adding multiple setting of this indicator in one screen)


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