Colorize Large Candles

// I have written a Pine Script to re-paint large candles in a different Color.
// You can set the value that you want to use to define what is 'Large', and the script will re-paint any candle whose size is equal to or greater than your value.
// The number can be an integer (8) or a decimal (7.5).
// You can enable the size measurement to be done in one of two ways: 1) either on the Body (Open-to-Close); 2) or on the Wicks (High-to-Low) of the candle.
// The color of the re-painted candle can be set independently for Up and for Down candles. You can also set any Opacity that you want for these candles.
// I usually set the limit for the Visibility to the Second- and Minute-timeframes, as the Script produces too many Colorized Bars when using the Hour- or Day- timeframes.

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