Hoffman A/D Breakout

จำนวนเข้าชม 1123
Study based on Rob Hoffman's Accumulation/Distribution Breakout strategy.

- Green circle on the top wick indicates a "Distribution" wick

- Red circle on the bottom wick indicates an "Accumulation" wick

- A distribution wick in an uptrend gets marked as a Key Resistance. This is marked with green crosses

- An Accumulation wick in a downtrend gets marked as a Key Support. This is marked with red crosses

- Breaking above the Key Resistance indicates a buy entry. This is marked by a green background.

- Breaking below the Key Support indicates a sell entry. This is marked by a red background
เอกสารเผยแพร่: - Add setting to allow for bar confirmation (i.e. don't enter long until the current candle has CLOSED above the key resistance).

- Filter out candles that are too large

- Reverse the red/green signaling so that red is associated with Distribution and green is associated with Accumulation
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