Central Pivot Range, Bollinger Bands & VWAP

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Thank you for reaching out to my Indicator.

This Indicator is a combination of 3 famous Intraday Indicators which are Central Pivot Range, Bollinger Bands & VWAP .

CPR indicator is created based on Frank Ochoa's calculations. This will contain Central Pivot , Bottom Central Pivot , Top Central Pivot . Also, it has 3 levels of Support and 3 levels of Resistance.

Default colors have been selected such as Red for Resistance and Green for Support. However, If you wish to change the colors, you can do it via Settings.

Bollinger Bands is all time famous indicator for Intraday Traders to check Blast of Bollinger Bands and also to check on the Standard Deviations. To not distract the charts, Grey color is selected. You can ofcourse change the Colors.

VWAP is another Indicator mostly used by Intraday Traders. This indicator takes both Volume and Price into consideration and hence is very useful.

For ease of understanding.
- CPR - Central Pivot is colored in Pink. Can be changed in Settings.
- CPR - Bottom and Top Central Pivot is colored in Blue. Can be changed in Settings.
- Bollinger Bands - SMA value is set to 20 by default. Colored in Grey and can be changed in Settings.
- Bollinger Bands - Standard Deviation settings is set to 2.0. Colored in Grey and can be changed in Settings.
- VWAP - Standard VWAP color is set to Red. Can be changed in Settings.
เอกสารเผยแพร่: Added SuperTrend to the earlier version.

SuperTrend is a trend following indicator. It gives accurate Buy/Sell signals while market is trending. It accepts two parameters, which are period and multiplier. The default values used are 10 for average true range or trading period and 3 for its multiplier.

One can also use this indicator as a trailing Stoploss.
เอกสารเผยแพร่: Changed the version from v4 to v5.

Also, Removed the SuperTrend as the Title could not be edited. I shall create a new Script with proper Title.

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