Simple RSI Scalp

This is a simple script for 1 minute scalping on Bitcoin .
Best setting for BTCUSDTPERP :
RSI Source : close
RSI Length : 14
RSI Over Bought : 70
RSI Over Sold : 30
Profit Point : 26000
Loss Point : 200000
For other Crypto pair send message to me:

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one of the best scalping indicators I've seen here on tv. very good work. i still have some ideas. if interested please message. best regards
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ShahramAbaei Lessetrade
@Lessetrade, Thank you!
its not working to me too. strategy only making lose
ShahramAbaei zeniaivan
@zeniaivan, What is your trading pair?
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Lessetrade zeniaivan
@zeniaivan, then i'm sorry, you really have no idea about scalping. it's one of the best indicators i have seen. But you have to understand the philosophy behind it. this indicator comes close to 90% qoute. Before you write something like that, you should deal with the topic intensively and understand what scalping actually is. don't wait for the next signal, take profits and work with break even. sorry ... but this comment is really not good.
It's not working :(
ericanrosa ericanrosa
@ericanrosa, It works! Thank you! :)
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good job, Afarin