v1 Automatic Trading Bot | Backtest

Hello Friends.

We have been working on this script for a long time. Briefly, our scenario works as follows.

  • This test data includes results as of January 1, 2022 using a balance of $1000 and 10%.


Indicators are Blended.

1 conditions are met in the overbought and oversold zone.

If the Directional Movement Index Signal is in the same direction, If all signals are in the same decision, it will be position.

We can set the take profit and stop loss levels on the algorithm as % over the entry price.


Formula a and formula b values ​​are adjusted by increments or decrements of 1 each. these adjustments should be changed according to the time frame and chart layout.

You do not need to intervene in overbought and oversold zones. The Best Values ​​were thus deemed appropriate.

If you still want to intervene, you need to know; When you change the overbought and oversold values, the entry time and risk will increase.

Together with the backtest script we are able to adjust the algorithm to all timeframes.

For example, while these settings are ideal for 5 minutes, it is necessary to change the strenght and formul values ​​for a 15-minute period. This provides a user-specific adjustable strategy.

  • There are 6 different triggers in total on the alarm version.

  • Enter a long position.

  • Long position take profit

  • Long position stop loss

  • Enter a Short position.

  • Short position take profit

  • Short position stop loss

Currently, one platform is also connected to the binance exchange via an API .

The maximum leverage is set to 5 and a maximum of 5 trades are ordered to enter.

I will post the alarm version soon.

Good Luck Everyone !

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